Wear & Tear / Care

Cosmetic wear & tear

Due to stringent guidelines on the properties of materials used for soother chains and grasp toys these are cosmetically delicate items as cosmetic longevity of paints and prints and non toxicity are rarely achievable given the many restrictions.

Products are made from natural materials and as with other wooden articles the materials used might darken / fade over time, prints might start to rub off and/or show other signs of use which do not affect the safety or continued use of your product and does not represent a faulty product. Naturally babys will put things in their mouths and chew or lick on things. Adults are responsible for supervision at all times and remove the product from the babys mouth if this occurs. The impact of saliva will soften the wood over time and chewing will contribute to abrasion or possibly chipping of the coating. Any of this “wear & tear” will not decrease the safety of the product however the products are not suitable teethers.
Please note that not all beads or motifs are the same and some might show slight variations from others. They are natural materials which are not always identical. Please also note that crochet elements & printed clips or beads will show signs of use a lot faster than the other plain coloured wooden elements.

All natural coloured beads, clips and plain natural motif beads show the least cosmetic wear.

Cosmetic wear and tear can start within weeks of use and following are accelerators that should be avoided in order to extend the cosmetic appearance:

(Extreme) Heat
Contact with fluids including water, juices, teas, milk, babys vomit and saliva etc.
Contact with foods of any kind
Contact with sand or dirt
Physical contact : touching, rubbing, cleaning etc..
Contact with other materials e.g. floors, carpets (when clipped on crawling baby etc.)

A general guide is for babys 6 months and under its longer lasting due to limited grasping skills and mobility as well as food varitety given – given the above mentioned exposure to accelerants is small.


If dummy clips are attached to materials that are too thick (e.g. jackets / snow wear) then the clasp will wear out over time and not fully close properly and become a safety concern and should not be used once it doesn’t hold properly anymore.

Please only attach to thin materials (baby’s onesie, shirt).

All beads (except acrylic letters) are natural materials and it is possible that they can crack due to hairline fractures (although this is quite rare) – if this occurs please contact me immediately with a photo and do not use the item.

Expect approximately 6 months of use out of each item – as above mentioned cosmetic wear and tear can start within weeks of use.

Please follow care instructions provided on your packaging (keep packaging for the duration of use).




Please only very gently wipe your items with a very damp soft cloth with luke warm water only.

Do not immerse in water (washing up water / bath / shower / ocean / lakes / rivers / swimming pool etc.), do not use cleaning products, do not boil / sterilize / put in the dishwasher/oven/microwave.