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We design beautiful and unique baby and children’s goods as well as accessories for adults to match. Our range currently includes fitted bamboo jersey sheets from bassinet/changeable/pram size to cot/crib sheets, IKEA toodler bed sheets and single bed sheets. We also offer an ever growing range of solid colour and patterned bamboo jersey wraps and accessories, bamboo muslin wraps and accessories, knit beanies for all ages, swimwear and accessories, sunglasses plus a wide range of natural safety tested handmade wooden soother chains and beautiful headbands and hair accessories. 

The Best Soft Baby Swaddle Blankets

A swaddle blanket is one of the first things any mummy-to-be should consider when buying baby gear.  These versatile blankets are essential for proper baby care and offer mummy and baby plenty of terrific benefits. 

At Luna’s Treasures, we sell a wide range of swaddle blankets that any mummy would love to have and that any baby would love to use.  Our swaddle blankets are soft to the touch, breathable, hypoallergenic and are the perfect baby shower gift for new mums. 

Incredible Benefits of Our Baby Swaddle Blankets

Our swaddle blankets are some of the most popular products on our list because of the incredible benefits these blankets offer mums and babies.  Here are the top benefits of buying your swaddles from Luna’s Treasures®.

Generous size – Our swaddle blankets are generous in size.  This makes it a perfect blanket for numerous purposes and for swaddling baby effectively during the newborn stage.  Our large blankets are also practical for use as your baby grows into a happy toddler.

Luxurious fabric – Our swaddle blankets are made of bamboo fabric that is super silky to touch and delicate yet tough.  The soft swaddle blankets are of the highest quality to be found in Australia.

Beautiful designs – These swaddle blankets are all beautiful in design and come in a variety of colours and beautiful prints.

Hypoallergenic – Bamboo fabrics are made from fast growing bamboo that can grow without much water, does not need pesticides to grow and is easily harvested making it a great sustainable option. All dyes used are environmentally & baby friendly.  These swaddle blankets are hypoallergenic due to the features of bamboo.

Breathable fabric – The fabric is light and breathable which enhances babies sleep safety and reduces the risk of suffocation and overheating.

Perfect for all year use – One of the best reasons to choose a bamboo baby swaddle is because these blankets are perfect for all year round use.  They are light and breathable which makes them perfect for swaddling newborns in hot summer temperatures and they are suitable for swaddling and layering with other blankets during winter time. Bamboo is a self regulating fabric which keeps skin warm when its cold and cools the skin when its hot.

Buy the Best Baby Swaddle Blankets and Wraps

  • Use your blanket to enhance shading in a stroller or vehicle
  • The beautiful blankets are perfect for photographic use as it can be used as a prop